Madelon offers individual cuddle sessions. Each experience is as unique as you are. They are all based on mutual consent from moment to moment. All sessions are nurturing, non-sexual, self-expanding and VERY relaxing. 

Session rates are $80/hour and take place near Touhy and Western in the West Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. There is a cat who lives in this space. If you are allergic, please take care of yourself.

For more information and to schedule and appointment please email with subject "individual session inquiry"

A few guidelines to keep in mind:

-"Non-sexual" is a subjective state (as is "sexual"). We agree to keep the tone of sessions innocent, affectionate, playful and warm (rather than hot). We wear a minimum of Tshirts and gym shorts. We agree not to touch any genital areas or breasts for women. We agree not to exchange any saliva. Dry kisses only and no licking or sucking. All of these are very helpful in maintaining a non-sexual boundary and opening up other types of intimacy.

-This is a space of unconditional nonjudgmental listening. No topic is unacceptable.

-If either of us is uncomfortable at any time with anything for any reason we agree to say so and adjust accordingly.

-You are encouraged to use your words and ask for what you want. Practicing consent means being able to verbalize your requests and invitations. Take some time to think about what specific kinds of touch you might ask for as well as the kinds you would rather not have. This kind of self awareness is the foundation of satisfying intimacy.